You speak like a prisoner and label me as a tyrant Lana. When the last thing I have done for you was protecting your sister from paying for her sins. 

[The approach did not stop. Giving her response the power over him would be foolish, especially when those lies of his are starting to bear fruit. That little sister of hers has always been Lana’s one powerful weakness… As long as Ema kept breathing, the chances of attaching those string back on her older sister lurked nearby.]

Too bad your poor sister couldn’t escape the truth, that is being Neil Marshall’s murderer in my side of the story. The poor girl left alone in pain… desperately crying out for help on the witness stand as the jury declared her verdict, right under our nose. It was truly a devastating sight I tell you.


Don’t pretend to be what you’re not; you are a tyrant, and you love it. I thought I could trust you and you played me like a fool, but I…I won’t fall into that trap again.

(He can’t threaten Ema. He can’t do that. H-he just can’t…)

Lana pales as he tells her a story about Ema being declared guilty for Neil’s murder, shaking her head “no” weakly. It’s just a tactic to frighten her back into submission; she swallows down her anxiousness for the moment and is all steel, at least on the outside.

Wrong. That’s not how it happens…it’s a lie! You once fought to stop all the liars and deceivers in this world, and you’ve become one! Ema did not kill Prosecutor Marshall, and you know that to be true!


Hurt you? To spout such terrible accusations to someone who did nothing but to help you…. I am truly. Shocked.

[A low growl through his teeth defied his own words, he could only take so much to see his own creation defying him.]

You had your share of spouting trivial stories at me… and I think it is my time to tell my own side of those “tragic” little tales.

[The immobile officer finally stepped forward, slowly lowering the distance between them, in order to shake Lana’s false sense of security from standing far enough from him.]

You were one of best detectives out there, so I’m sure it would be easy for you to figure out… Do you know what this place defines parallels as Lana? I’m sure you probably have met results of this rather… inexplicable phenomenon.


Lana backs away, unable to stand her ground. No, she reminds herself, he cannot do anything to hurt her. What’s done cannot be undone. Unless, of course, he’s from a parallel universe…which seems to be the case. 

I understand what a parallel in this world is. 

(You were never really good at retorts; that was his job.)

So. What do you mean to do now? I’m free of you in this parallel.  You don’t frighten me.

The Chief Prosecutor may have been a good actor for all those years, but she was never a good liar. There was always too much at stake for her, and pieces always cracked off, no matter how much she put up her guard.


[Gant could feel it, she only needed a little push before waltzing back to his rhythm again. It was a delicate line to cross, but he knew, lady luck was willing to take his side.]

Frighten you from what? Hearing the inevitable truth once more?

I was in that office since we’ve worked together, and that laughable accusation of me of murdering Goodman and Neil Marshall? I am more confused than you are on this whole affair response Lana.


N-no. Wright and Edgeworth made sure you got what you deserved. I was there. My memory isn’t that faulty in my old age.

(Keep calm. Keep calm and let this roll off your shoulders. Reacting like this is exactly what he wants you to do.)

It’s a strange feeling, as if invisible strings were pulling at her shoulders. She tenses, unsure of what’s going on.

You can’t hurt me or Ema anymore. You’re nothing but a ghost of the past.


A polished office with a beautiful organ…. has that cold room you are now in made you go numb enough to warp your sense of design?


I do believe The chief of police has a place in his private office. You should watch that tongue of yours Lana, I am worried that you might accidentally cut yourself with it one of these days. 


Th-that’s…impossible. Th-that’s absolutely impossible. You can’t…

A cold sweat breaks out on Lana’s forehead. She grits her teeth and tries to regain her bearings, but it’s no use. Years of psychological torment have taken their toll, and it’s all she can do not to fall to her knees and cry out.

No. N-no. You’re trying to frighten me and I won’t play into your game, Damon. Not this time.


And here I thought you ran away from me from our earlier conversation… I was almost heartbroken…


Anyhow, now is the time where I should properly welcome back my old friend isn’t it?


What are you doing back here, Damon? 

Her blue eyes are icy with well-checked rage.

You have no place here—go back to the hole from which you crawled.

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has this been done 100 times before


has this been done 100 times before

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